Boston Ice Dance Academy 


We are excited to announce Boston Ice Dance Academy Virtual!


In a time where we are all stuck at home and away from the ice, we wanted to create a virtual training program. Presented below is Boston Ice Dance Academy Virtual, an expression of training and artistry adapted to the virtual age.

What to Expect

BIDA is proud to present BIDA Virtual, an Ice Dance & Figure Skating training program designed to be done in the convenience of your own home. Led by a staff of highly qualified coaches and professionals you will embark on a Monday - Friday training schedule designed to give you a well rounded approach to off-ice training.

WhO are the coaches?

We have brought together a team of highly accomplished competitors and coaches to bring their own unique insight to the program. Our team consists of national, international, and Olympic medalists as well as accomplished professionals in their respected fields.

What is included?
  • Weekly informational videos by Coach Michael Bramante showcasing iconic programs of the past and present

  • Three hours of training per day 

  • Group classes such as; stretch class, spin class, ballet, strength & conditioning, and choreography

How will classes be run?

Classes will be taught via the Zoom application which can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. We recommend a tablet or computer so that everyone in the chatroom is able to be seen. We ask that students be respectful and mute their microphone while in group classes. 



Is this only for Ice Dancers?



We have designed this program with the intentions of developing well-rounded, highly competitive, artistic athletes. While our main on-ice orientation is Ice Dance; we believe that off the ice every discipline needs to have a well-rounded foundation. BIDA Virtual aims to develop a strong foundation that can be brought back on the ice. 

How are we staying SafeSport compliant?

All classes will continue to be run with two deep leadership. With that being said, every class will have two coaches in attendance to ensure that they are SafeSport compliant.

How do I sign up?

Sign up and payment will be taken through 

Zoom signup links and emails will be sent out after signup is complete. 


Eight session punch cards for strength and conditioning classes can be purchased through Mara Smith.