We are proud to introduce you to our very well accomplished team of coaches who will be conducting classes for BIDA Virtual.
Our team of coaches include National, International, World, and Olympic competitors. 


B.S. in Business Administration, New England College of Business 

Certificate in Digital Marketing, New England College of Business

A.S. in Business Administration, New England College of Business




Michael is a current staff coach at The Skating Club of Boston, specializing in Ice Dance, Moves in the Field, and Stroking/Skating Skills. He competed at the US National Championship 8 times and in 2011 was the National Novice Ice Dance Bronze Medalist with former partner Kaitlin Hawayek. After representing Team USA at Junior Grand Prix events for many years, Michael went on to compete for France for the remainder of his competitive career with partner Peroline Ojardias. The two went on to win the bronze medal at the 2015 and 2016 French National Championships and earn a spot to compete for France in the 2016 European Championships. Michael now runs the Boston Ice Dance Academy program at The Skating Club of Boston, as well as serving as the Club's pro-tem, off-ice dance coordinator.

Michael Bramante

Program Director

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Zachary Donohue

Choreography Class

Zachary Donohue is a highly accomplished US Ice Dancer and Olympian with accolades to follow.

With Madison Hubbell, he is a two-time World medalist, 2018 Grand Prix Final champion, 2014 Four Continents champion, and two-time U.S. national champion.


With former partner Piper Gilles, he won three medals on the ISU Junior Grand Prix series.

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Jean-luc Baker

Choreography Class

Jean-luc headshot.jpg

With his partner Kaitlin Hawayek, Jean-luc holds many titles and accolades to his name of competitive Ice Dance.


2x National Senior Bronze Medalist

2019 NHK Trophy Gold Medalist

2019 Grand Prix Final Competitor

2018 Four Continents Champions

2014 Junior World Champions

8x Team USA Member 

Alexandria Ronzio

Stretch, Spin, & Jump Class


Northeastern University


Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Pairs, Choreography, Skating Skills/Power


Philosophy:As a coach, it is my goal to spread my passion and knowledge for skating by creating a positive environment to empower my students to grow to be the athletes and people they want to be.



Alex is a former Senior Pairs competitor who competed at the National and International level with her partner James Morgan. She turned to pairs skating after winning medals at the New England Regionals and advancing to Sectionals in singles. In 2012, she and Morgan won the bronze medal at the US Nationals Novice Pairs. The team competed at the 2014 US Nationals in the senior division in their hometown of Boston. In 2016, the team was selected to represent the US at 2016 Salt Lake City US International Classic, where they won the bronze medal.


Following her competitive career, Alex enjoyed a professional career, traveling the US for shows. She also is teaches the Theatre on Ice Preliminary Team in Boston and was a choreographer for the 2019 Ice Chips: Illusions. She currently skates on the Skating Club of Boston’s Senior Theatre on Ice team, Forte of Boston. The team recently won the silver medal at the 2019 Nations’ Cup in Epinal, France.

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Bryna Oi



2013 ISU Four Continents Championships Competitor

2013 Lyon Cup Competitor

2012 Japanese National Ice Dance Bronze Medalist

2012 Finlandia Trophy Competitor

2011 Japanese National Ice Dance Champion

2010 Cup of Berlin Bronze Medalist

2007 U.S. National Intermediate Ladies Bronze Medalist

My goal is to help skaters build a strong foundation of skating skills to give them the best chance possible to excel in their chosen discipline. I enjoy collaborative relationships with other coaching teams and aim to use my supportive role to supplement their personalized training regimen to help the skaters thrive.

In my competitive transition from freestyle to ice dance, I developed a deep appreciation for the value of building strong basics. Strengthening a skater’s foundational elements through work on posture, presentation, edges, and power is core to their growth.